Team Building

Employee Engagement

COVID-19 has changed how we work and engage with our staff and colleagues, both remotely and in-person. As experts on fun and social gatherings, we have innovative solutions to help your team engage and build relationships that support your success. From virtual team building activities to socially distant events, Fray is able to provide engaging corporate hospitality your team will love.

Choose from a tested and proven product, or work with our experts to create your custom team building experience.

Trivia & Bingo

Fray hosts online team building activities like trivia and bingo for corporate partners to help create a fun and engaged atmosphere for teams struggling to connect online.

Our team hosts three rounds of trivia or five rounds of bingo, with a charismatic trivia host to explain rules, to lead the event, and to help determine the winner. Think of our host as your personal Alex Trebek.

Themes for trivia and bingo are chosen during our discovery call, with options to choose from pre-selected themes or to choose custom company- or industry-related topics.

// 75+ minutes of fun
// Best for groups of 5+ players
// $$


Curated Classes

Do you miss post-work happy hours or recipe-swaps with colleagues? Us too, that’s why we’ve created a virtual cocktail or cooking class experience to bring the team together.

Recreate that Friday Feeling with a professional bartender or chef to lead you through a digital guided tasting or cooking class. We’ll provide a host, an ingredients/tools list prior to the event, and a relaxed experience for staff to re-engage in team morale.

60-90 minutes of fun //
Best for smaller groups of 5-10 persons //
$$$ //


Engaged Teams

Fitness Challenges

Corporate fitness and wellness challenges are your answer to the Quarantine 15 or for offices seeking a more robust program with fun, healthy competition. We’ve created a custom 4-week program with fun physical, mental, and social challenges to keep your office engaged and positive.

We facilitate the challenge, create office teams to drive engagement, run the scoreboard, and announce the winners. You create an inclusive and active environment for your staff.

Schedule your discovery call.

// 4+ weeks of fun
// Best for 20+ persons
// $$$$

Social Sports

While many of our leagues have been put on hold, we are still able to offer social distance approved sports in Washington, DC; Jacksonville, Florida; and Phoenix, Arizona. By following CDC guidelines in each location, our on-site staff prioritizes player health and safety while making fun possible.

Available leagues: Bowling, Cornhole, Dodgeball, Kickball, Soccer, Volleyball, and others as available.

We can help your team find the right league to support your engagement goal.

// 6+ weeks of fun
// Best for 5-10 persons, small groups, inter-company, or industry groups
// $$$

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