Media + Advertising

Leverage Local Media

United Fray has spent more than a decade building our local and digital internet marketing services to help our partners communicate and engage in authentic ways. Brands don’t simple advertise to our communities, they engage with them.

Fray builds lasting relationships with our members through social sports leagues, relevant media, and fun events to ensure an eagerness, want, and need for pertinent and timely messaging. Move beyond the simple broadcast message to a higher level of relevance and engagement for your brand.

Our community and our positioning in the market makes us an ideal partner for your brand or company to move your sales and marketing goals forward.

Digital Marketing

Digital ads, custom websites, enhanced video production, social and email outreach. We understand the value of internet marketing services and optimized digital communications for consumers. We’ve used these tools to build our communities and can help you tap into the same opportunity for your product or service.

Companies and brands hoping to reach target demographics choose Fray for an expansive digital experience.


Event Promotion

The easiest way to elevate your event is to advertise and promote it our local audiences actively looking for fun things to do. Giving you access to 40,000 players, 120,000 email subscribers and 22,000 social followers in DC alone, places your event at the center of the community.

Need help producing your event too? With robust marketing and production expertise our team is equipped to serve as full service event marketing and production partner allowing you to focus on your larger mission and brand goals.


Community Engagement

In addition to event promotion and advertising, Fray provides custom placemaking and event production services to help businesses engage with their neighborhoods, local communities, and consumers.

Creating opportunities like bingo, crab feasts, live music, and movie nights for clients is our specialty. With robust event production expertise and in-house marketing channels, Fray is uniquely positioned to produce, market, and promote your events.  Streamline your event marketing and engagement needs with fewer vendors through our integrated services.

Custom Publishing

Experts in local media, United Fray is the publisher of a District Fray Magazine, a digital and print publication covering lifestyle and entertainment for Washington, DC area locals.

Connect to our audience with targeted marketing and outreach or leverage our editorial expertise to provide custom content marketing, editorial, and publishing for your organization.

Our Clients

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